When I was little, my dad would call me pajarita sin cola. It was an affectionate nickname and I liked it, I never thought much about what it meant. Then when my brother was born, my dad started calling him pajarito CON cola. This confused me. Why was he bird WITH a tail, whilst I was WITHOUT? I asked my dad and he told me that it was because David had a willy. I was really embarrassed to be talking to my dad about things like that, so I just left it. But I remember feeling quite jealous, that there was this thing that my brother had that I didn’t have, and I wasn’t sure how it had come about that I was without. I’ve been wondering about that ever since.

Bird With A Tale is a project for sharing women’s stories and views both online and in our theatre show. If you would like to contribute a story, get in touch with me, Elisa Criado, or Elisa King- these people are both me, depending on whether I’m writing or acting.

I also work as a corporate trainer and facilitator, and write occasionally for The Independent online, you can read some of my articles below.


International Women’s Day 2015: 10 ways to make equality happen

Lego launches first ever female scientist set after girl’s plea to ‘make more Lego girls to go on adventures’

A serious affair: Why are women not allowed to serve lunch at the nuclear security summit in The Hague?


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