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Pride 2015: TEDx speaker Orlaith Hendron on fake tan, sexual harassment of lesbians and the taboo of female anger

“We are conditioned to be placid and I sometimes feel like all the anger of every woman in the world is inside me. I use it constructively. I use my voice” Whilst the Pride Parade hits the streets in many … Continue reading

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Women on the G20 promise: Dr Sam Collins and her delegates at Aspire

A trip to Aspire’s Connected Leadership event to find out what women think of the G20’s plan When the G20 announced their recent intention to get 100 million more women into work by 2025, the news was accompanied by a picture … Continue reading

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How acting turned me into a feminist

(..and keeps reminding me why I am one) A couple of months ago I realised that I’d seen three great shows in the space of a couple of weeks without a female actor in them: My Night With Reg, Neville’s … Continue reading

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Girls can’t be clowns!

I remember often being approached by the little girls when I was dressed as a clown. “Are you a girl?”, they would ask. “Yes,” I’d say. They would furrow their brows: “Girls can’t be clowns!” Continue reading

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